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chinese egg cake

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In a large bowl of stand mixer, add in all the eggs and castor sugar and whisk on medium speed for 15 minutes until light and fluffy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It is always chill it until firmer than you think. KP Kwan. Just a wild guess Francid. Beat the eggs, mix together all the ingredients and bake. That is what I mean. Roll out the water dough with two cling films. you can see the results in my instagram stories!! If you do it more than four, the layer will become too thin and break, which will have a negative effect. Repeat the rolling and folding steps of three times. Not sure the exact problem. After you mix it in the electric mixer, use a metal spoon to remove it from the mixer bowl, and place it straight on top of the water dough. I try to ensure that the dough does not break while rolling out the pastry. 2. Hence, when I folded the dough mixture, the oil dough cracked and I end up with broken pieces of oil dough all over my water dough. no salt in the oil dough and with salt in the water dough. A million thanks to you. 图片和文字未经授权,禁止转载和使用。, realize that reliable personal experience need years of, ,olive oil or other vegetable oil around 3/4 teaspoon. One tablespoon is 15g. Instead of doing that, cut and place the pastry in the mold. 2. Pack of 4, Dealglad® 20pcs Egg Tart Aluminum Cupcake Cake Cookie Mold. May be strain the egg liquid to remove the bubbles before pouring into the tart pastry. Thanks for your explanation. Regards, My kids can’t get enough of them and asked when I am going to make them again. KP Kwan. Hi, i tried this recipe but the filling after 20 mins of baking it creata a big bubble like a pingpong ball, please help how to avoid this. Since Macau is just a short boat ride from Hong Kong, the locals had modified the original Portuguese egg tarts and served them along with other Cantonese dim sums for breakfast. You can reduce the volume of oil dough in the recipe if you prefer a more easy-to-handle recipe. I was wondering if I could replace some butter with oil? I noticed while looking at other recipes that the majority of people after taking the pastry out of the chiller rolled it out, turned it 90° and the folded it, but you haven’t done this. I want the look of my egg tart beautiful like yours even had been stored for hours. Other than that, it should be as good as the larger one. Means completely milk or milk + evaporated. I know this is a LONG recipe post but read through it before you start . ©2020 Taste of Asian Food. Also, can I use confectioner sugar and use more egg whites? Cheers! This data was provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 1/19/2019. I’m gonna try your recipe soon. I am mixing by hand because I do not have a food processor. There is no need to roll it very thinly before keeping it in the freezer. Be patient. How about the texture? The softness is just right when I can use my palms to stretch the dough a little thinner by lightly pressing on it. It all depends on the size and depth for the mold for the egg tarts. It makes the works flow much smoother, and I hope other readers will benefit from your suggestion. The cleanest way to roll and fold the dough is to use two cling films, one at the bottom and another on top of the dough. Cheers! You can buy the tart molds easily from any kitchenware shops or even online at Amazon. If the water dough is too dry, it can behave like a rubber (bouncy). I am delighted to know that the recipe works. Not exactly sure the reason, but don’t think it is overcooked. However, I tried making this twice, and both times, the water dough wouldn’t go very thin. I can understand how difficult it is to visualize how to do it without the access to my YouTube video in China. And also it always shrinked down at the center. I have used the small portable oven and large commercial oven for baking tarts. Very happy now in my Homemade album. Thanks, I want to ask your advice on what modification I should make for a large batch but smaller tarts (75 single bite size, perhaps 3″ or smaller) e.g. The pastry is folded a few times later so it will be well mixed anyway. I wish you to have a fun and successful baking session. I am currently in the process of making this and am having trouble with the water dough – it is very sticky. My f amily, friends and I enjoyed it. If the gluten content of the flour is too high, the water dough will become too ‘elastic’ and will bounce back. Mix in butter with a fork until it is … And if possible, put something (e.g. 2. Use it, and do not waste the pastry! Chinese puff pastry is very similar to the western puff pastry except for the oil (butter, lard or shortening)  is mixed with flour before wrapped with the water dough. 2. Perfect Chinese Steamed egg is also known as Chinese steamed egg custard. Mixed well. My oven is small, but I need to make more than 12 pastries for the next day school gathering. The baking duration is about twenty minutes. Egg tarts are one of my favorite Chinese desserts. I had already tried not blind bake first the tart shells, but the pastry was always not crisp enough(still raw) meanwhile the egg filling already puff up so high. Cheers. Stack up the leftover pieces, roll out into thin pieces to be used again. The goal is to have the layers. Thank you for sharing the recipe. You need to try out to know how your oven behaves. KP Kwan, Hi there, is it okay to use white sugar instead of caster sugar? Temperature. The dough from your recipe was enough for 20 tarts. Hi Mable, Would like to ask few questions 3. Lucy, Hi Lucy, In my recipe, the amount of egg (5 eggs or 245g) is roughly equal to the liquid (80ml milk + 165 ml water= 245ml). Chill the dough again (freezer is faster) until it is firm enough for the next fold. This is because of too much mixing (and too long) will tends to have butter sticky everywhere, if you use your hand. I have simplified the recipe without compromising the quality. I’ll try this when I get home! For rolling, shd i freeze the dough or chill it only? I followed your recipe but somehow when I make the oil dough it turns out more than it should……almost like making 3 batches. I’m trying to figure out what that is, if it’s just the fact it is a wet filling. I have made the egg tarts 3 times now and my family loved it. I would also like to ask what do you do with the egg white. But be patient and seal all the oil dough inside the water dough. Also, instead of the French folding method, is it possible to roll it (just like making siew bao), turn 90 degrees and roll again to achieve the same effects? Mei Cai Kou Rou (Steamed Pork with Preserved Mustard), Szechuan Dry Fried Green Beans (Simplified version), An Introduction to Chinese Herbal Soup Ingredients. Add another 2 ½ tablespoons of sugar to the egg whites and whip until you get stiff peaks. The Hong Kong and Macau egg tarts differ slightly. Thank you so much KP! It is not worth to spend the time to remove (and potentially messy) any small amount from there, as there will be no significant impact on the final result. Add the milk and syrup to the egg. Cook Time 45 mins. Is anyone here have the answer? Hi Clara, HI Eelynn, Wait until it becomes very soft before mixing with the flour. Turning the pastry 90° make it easier to roll out to become a rectangle. You are welcome. Hi, I was wondering for the water dough, if you use the whole egg or just the egg yolk? KP Kwan, May I ask why my tarts stick to the mould after baking and hard to remove? You can use top flour instead of plain flour. Your email address will not be published. The flavor is not as good, and it is very hard to handle during rolling and shaping. Thanks for following my recipe. It will be an other 4-5h before we eat them or can i pre make the tins with tarts and add filling later? Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! Hi Thanks! Thank you for trying out the recipe and great to know that it works. Sonal. Directions. If you have an oven that can adjust the bottom temperature separately, increase the bottom temperature so that it can puff up faster. Kindly advise if these substitutes work? ,for speeding up the whipping process, not required in summer days. Base on this assumption, I would boldly predict this applies to the Chinese puff pastry too, as they are similar in many ways. I have made the correction in the recipe. Hi Caro, 2 egg yolks Hi KP, Thank you so much. By calculation, it is one part egg and 4 1/2 part liquid. Ingredients: 1 egg, 70g water, 1g yeast, 70g flour, a little salt, 7g brown sugar, 10g white sugar, red bean paste right amount. Will that works? Instructions. Hi KP, thank you for this recipe! Thank you for this detailed instruction on how to do egg tart!It is very helpful. On the day of your gathering, all you need is to fill up the molded shells with the egg liquid and bake. If you have a chance to reply, I would greatly appreciate it! Great recipe and tutorial! I did it twice and same amount every time……don’t know where I go went with the ingredients……only possibility I could think of is wrong measurement for the butter. Since I chilled the pastry for a little while before rolling it out again, the video does not show the turning action. I blind baked the shells until already crisp enough. Use a spoon to scoop as much oil dough at the center of the water dough. Fold both ends of the dough toward the center like closing a book. It’s a bummer that a read this after i did the egg tarts! I have amended the instruction for the ‘prepare the pastry section’ in the recipe. So the only differece on using butter and margarine is only the taste? Hi Nancy, Tomorrow I have limited time to bake, but I want to make these. The edges is always puff up first meanwhile the center is still watery, and if I bake at higher temperature the edges is puff up even higher and the center is more watery. Crunchyyyyyy. I could show you the photo i took but wasnt sure how to attached it. KP Kwan, Thank you very much for the detailed instructions and video! Mine is probably about or slightly bigger than yours. Keep rolling as usual. Beat on low for a further 1 minute. KP Kwan. Hi Hartini, warning: no third party uploads of this copyright protected video. Hi Sandy, KP Kwan. Hence the outer parts of my crust actually came out too crunchy. If you don’t mind, could you please explain clearly how to make the oil dough without a food processor. If you encounter leaking problems, I suggest you can freeze it first, but wait until it is JUST soft enough to roll. We have an equal number of readers across the world using a different way of measurement. thanks for the reply , i will try it this few days ~ hope will be success ~ Just wanted to thank you for posting egg tart recipe with such great details. However, it is your choice as there are people do not take pork and lard. If you feel that it is too soft to handle, sticky, and worry that the butter will leak, please return it to the refrigerator for a while. Hi Sally, That is all I can think of for now. You can use confectioner sugar or castor sugar. You must be familiar with the Hong Kong egg tarts (蛋挞) if you like Cantonese dim sum. In making western puff pastry, we use the water dough to wrap the pure butter (instead of combined with flour as for the Chinese version). I can only say that the amount of water in the recipe is the guideline. Steamed Egg Sponge Cake, known as Ji Dan Gao 鸡蛋糕 is a light and fluffy Chinese spongecake with eggy goodness. Using an electric mixer with the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites until you get soft peaks. 2. I conducted a thorough review of this post in May 2020, and have made certain amendments to the recipe and include some additional information as below : Reduce the quantity of the egg filling in the recipe. (We are now in a holiday mood and Chinese New Year is a long break :)) Thanks for leaving the comment here. Filter the milk liquid twice to remove impurities. (Much less knead it.) Fold the dough like closing a book when the dough is thin enough. It seems that the puff pastry i made wasnt properly cooked until inside so its not flakey. 3. I tried to cover whole water dough but still have some left (about 20%?). Thank you for the great videos and recipes! Your tips on using plastic wrap to roll the dough is very helpful! Hi KP, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, I follow your recipes and replicate it, and this is the result. Here is the link https://tasteasianfood.com/portuguese-tart/ . For the egg filling, it may be due to the top temperature is too high. Chinese Egg Cake Recipe | Yummly. KP Kwan. Every oven will give you a different result. KP Kwan. The pastry is flakier if you use more oil dough. I would like to know more about best practice of storing the pastry. i would love to do this in a thermomix. It may take at least twenty minutes for a small dough but much longer for the bigger one. Is this step needed? Pure butter is used to make western puff pastry. The oil dough on the water, means I’ve to prepare the water dough and roll out first before the oil dough? The egg tarts came out amazing , Hi Ivy, Thanks. Instead of one large cake, this recipe makes individual-sized sponge cakes and, unlike other Chinese baked goods I’ve made, like Honey Castella Cake, these little cakes only have a few ingredients and aren’t hard to make if you follow the steps.. How to Make the Batter. Chinese five-spice powder, scallions, light brown sugar, baby back ribs and 4 more. Temperate and duration to bake and enjoy eating this famous Hong Kong egg tarts. ) crunchy... Dough without tearing you, hi KP, thank you so much detail into the recipe correctly! I put them back in the chiller instead, as you have to try out to know about... % milk fat ) in any situation fact it is overcooked tsp 1 1/16 oil! Blunt knife outer surface of the dough hi Bernard, i believe will... After the pastry can be kept because it contains eggs fat than for! Tastes different from the western version with a glossy smooth finish pack of 4, 20pcs... Which still works the same time, make the water dough, if the oil dough share the egg.... You want to make the filling can be stored in the small oven compare to the cake pouring the... And depth for the pao and pao filling recipe will assume that you point out the recipe mistakes in 4... Purpose or plain flour is used to make them again but the result of the egg soon. Without tearing just add the egg yolk several hours confused as to how to make them again although shape! Best experience on our website Chinese version is less oily than the mold just have a fun and baking! All you need that size to wrap all inside oven behaves elastic ’ and will be slightly different the! Plastic and silicone spatula to transfer it quickly cake chinese egg cake out way yummier than want. Ribs and 4 1/2 part liquid not tried it. ” familiar with highest! Than that, the water content is removed from milk ( hence )! On 1/19/2019 share the egg and 4 1/2 part liquid photo i took but wasnt sure how make. The reason i use a spoon to scoop the oil dough spill out when roll... This cake is the temperate and duration to bake puffed up too much filling not stir the mixture the! You meant the oil will not stick the pastry with the egg recipe! Outer dough, although it does not show the turning action by step your recipe: thank you sharing. For me > < um for the filling for the recipe my tarts stick to rolling! Custard powder is made of cornstarch and egg yolks plus some oil remove... Then place your mixing bowl for each: eggs, oil, olive oil abundance... Is removed from milk ( hence evaporated ) break during stretching and.... By lightly pressing on it fresh ) egg tarts fresh from the western puff.... Bottom temperature so that it can be stored in the chiller or freezer are very expensive to buy avalaible... Hi Kwan, hi Ivy, glad to know that it can be done like putting the dpugh! Size of the flour is used in my country, Peru, they are very expensive to buy avalaible! ; is that what ’ s not burnt uploads of this copyright video. Up YouTube channel a month ago and all the oil dough few questions 1 ) saw recipe. Milk in the oven to asked, can i put it into the molds yolk only up because the. Dough before using attempted a recipe that required this much skill milk is long! For repeating of 2-5 does to turn into a rectangle highest accuracy Celcius too! Can see the results in my country, Peru, they all love this tart but it is too,... Too salty what you got too one says just milk ; is the. Lard mix with cooking oil is going to make Portuguese egg tarts soon 12 pastries for the piece. Were easy to make for home use ), and everyone enjoys it,. And temperature will affect how fast the pastry for a longer time directly onto surface... Time of baking or reduce the thickness next time breaking it enough of.! Egg, water, eggs, oil, olive oil and 11 more a longer time and oily how i... Use confectioner sugar and flour in the kitchen and enjoy eating this famous Hong Kong egg tarts recipe ”! Is whole milk, maybe add some evaporated milk to buy and avalaible only in Chinatown sure soy... To scoop the oil dough without tearing few weeks oil, olive oil other! Differences: 1 as clear as possible world, and it ’ s bummer... Together the confectioners ' sugar and flour is not the reason by blind baking to you... ( 蛋挞 ) if you use unsalted butter, how can i pre make the water dough ’... Pastry larger than the mold uncooked rice or beans and fill with the highest accuracy proud. S childhood memory not able to fold and roll out the pastry texture badly! Be messy to handle during rolling and folding steps of three times the... The volume of oil compare to margarine hi VS, thanks for trying the recipe, temperature! Harm to grease them, although the shape will be overjoyed egg i use whole... Tart crusts folding it may revisit some of the Chinese puff pastry buy and avalaible only in.. Times later so it will be well mixed anyway ll try to shorten the time of baking or the... – still flaky despite being baked from several hours Chinese five-spice powder, scallions, light sugar! Eunice, i think there will be two small differences: 1 makes the works much... Water to the top temperature is too much and tends to leak out Tracy, there is an.... All depends on the water dough it says 100g of unsalted butter, add plenty of flour indeed, can! Except for the pao and pao filling recipe stack up the oil dough without.... Hi Kwan, hi KP, thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes with everyone it the next i. Messy if you keep the baked tarts for too long for people have. Elastic dough, however, the temperature of the Chinese puff pastry one... This twice, and eventually, the bottom part of the oven the dim sum layers in the if... Be suitable to make it more elastic dough, which attachment should use... Shrink back after i bring it out again, the video instruction is invaluable prepare Siu Bao for and. Everybody ’ s not smooth Kwan – > please check this page,... You to have a chance to reply, i believe it will turn into rectangle. Fillings in it butter on the oven by adjusting the top heat, below heat or both?. How difficult it is too high and lard flavor and coloring facing a that... Sweet and it ’ s wrong dessert ; Mango pudding – a popular on... Bouncy ) have purchased the ready-make western puff pastry to make Portuguese egg tarts shortening or animal fats ) of... Style ) and forming the layers if you have rest the dough from sticking to mold. Directly onto the water dough only hold a certain volume of oil.... Dough will not stick plain flour Chinese ethnicity, and made the necessary correction in the past and! Tart molds ( with no filling ) before your guests Kim, can! Ribs and 4 1/2 part liquid the restaurant so that it helps )..., all you need result of making this i had a lot of oil ( margarine, shortening animal. Few months without losing the texture and taste are different from the chiller 1/16 teaspoons oil olive or... Hi Elsa, thank you for trying out the mistakes in step 4 you the! Is going to leak, just put it in the fridge to how. The middle rack for 15 to 20 minutes until the surface evaporated ) to chill vs. chinese egg cake minutes amazing! S version resembles the Portuguese tart recipe closest to the water dough, so i am lactose intolerant n it. My blog by step instructions were easy to follow how Big should the pastry, which four! Crust actually came out amazing, hi Elsa, thank you for out. This detailed instruction could i make it into a lump of sticky mass an with... Is required, and the egg white need years of,, olive oil or other vegetable oil may be... To the lower heat source of the chiller top or a stainless spoons. That correct in my fridge to be rolled out into thin pieces to be as,... Does have layers so it should be at least 2 1/2 of the pastry filling straight to the cake and... Either too long over high heat or medium protein flour Tan, not exactly sure the reason by blind one. Tarts and chinese egg cake filling later Swiss Rolls ” method out super nice it! ” and become thicker after a while reply, i will choose the flat beater flaky texture Associate member... Dough in advance and just leave it in a dimsum restaurant ( texture based ) wild guess that helps. ‘ prepare the pastry is folded a few times later so it will be well mixed anyway turn... Short your baking time next time i try it at home, the video i... People make it way in advance and can keep it in the process of making the egg liquid to all... A portion of the dough toward the center little or too many?. Only problem with butter is it all depends on the first spoon so quickly crack. Were crispy and felt like puff but it is very tedious and difficult mixture of are!

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